Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feels Like Home to Me

I think I broke my mother's heart yesterday when I told her that everyday I wake up and forget I am in France.  It just feels like home to me...well that is until I have my first interaction with a French person and get a friendly reminder that, no, I actually am halfway across the world.  However I think if there was no language barrier I would feel eerily comfortable in France.  It's almost like the stunning beauty of this country is becoming a common thing a person should see everyday!  I hope home can live up to these new expectations of constant beauty, but I am concerned it might not!  Sure, I love Minnesota summers and the miles of corn fields and the trips to the lake, but really a castle trumps Minnesota summer everytime. 

Yesterday, I got to visit another castle and this one definitely made my top five list (which I plan on updating completely when I get home) because of its history, location and beauty.  It was a good reminder that I was indeed in France and not home (and I could only wish a castle was home!)  Plain and simple, Saint Malo is gorgeous.

(Note: This picture is not one I took, a friend is borrowing my camera cord so instead I am
sharing a profesional photo from their website so you can understand is true beauty!)

Saint Malo is an 11th century city that still continues its historical beauty within its fortification walls.  It is a unique town that is fiercely loyal to its independence and traditions and because of that (and its dangerous tidal conditions) it has never grown or changed too dramatically.  The city may have had many periods of renovation and growth and of course adapted to the tourism, but it still seems so realistic and serene.  Plus, it had the most amazing beaches that I luckily got to explore with the Texas boys!  This was my first beach-sea creatures-tidal pools-seaweed-rock climbing-castle in the background beach exploring and was the perfect way to start!

Saint Malo sits on a string of beaches called Emerald Beaches and its ocean-front-view is one of the city's biggest advantages. First of all, Saint Malo is surrounded by two strings of coral reefs that has sank many ships.  Also, on the reefs barrier forts were built to stop invanding ships before they could harm the citizens within the city's walls.  Second, Saint Malo sits in a unique area of Europe that is greatly influenced by the tidal changes.  When we were there, there was very little tidal fluctuation, and by little I mean only 5 meters.

So basically, if I were standing on this shore at 2 pm and stood there until 7 pm, I would be covered by 15 feet of water.  Needless to say, that would be a problem for me (especially since I can't swim) and also became a problem for many enemies because the tide would change and leave them stranded or trapped!  And that is only in June, during March and October the tides are at their worst and can get extremely dangerous.  These trees are planted as wave breaks and often the water rushes over them and these fortification walls.

Plus, the city was so quaint and honest.  Check out this picture Travis caputred of the cathedral.

Finally, there was good shopping and great crepes.  Don't be surpised if your souvinear comes from Saint Malo. :)  It was amazing...and almost made me knock off La Buale from the top five list (almost!).

 Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon--make sure to check back tommorrow to learn about my perfect French Sunday at the winery!  More bottles are coming home to Minnesota! 

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  1. i think your blog may save my life when I need to tell everyone back home about the history of all of our visits. So thank you in advance!