Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"World Famous" Creperie

The title of this blog is a little bit of a running joke with my classmates because on my first night here my host mother said nearly everything was famous.  It was pretty funny at first, but since then I have learned that most everything she referred to was actually well-known in France, like the Nespresso machine or the Basque region.  And now, my host family is so good at English that I take it to heart when she calls something famous, so when she pointed out a creperie in Angers that was "famous", I made note of it and headed there the next day for lunch! was an excellent choice!  If it isn't in Rick Steve's book of things to do in France, it needs to be added.  It was the cutest little shop a little off the main road and it had delicous crepes!  If only I could get crepes that good at home!

We had hear about a traditional crepe of the region called the Gillette Complete.  It has eggs, cheese and ham all within a crepe and sounded like home to us, so we ordered four. :)

I loved them.  It is like a whole breakfast wrapped up in a delicous crepe.  The eggs are over-easy, so the yolk soaks into the crepe and is to die for.  Way better than a plain old omelet anyday and it made Ty-Yann creperie famous in my book for sure!

If you know where they sell or make these at home, let me know!  Until then, I am going to try my best to perfect this yummy goodness every Sunday until I get it right!  :)

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