Sunday, June 6, 2010

Je Taime France!

Life was good this week.

Actually, let me correct was amazing this week.

I have been in France for 10 days and I have loved every second of it.  It is fascinatingly beautiful here.  Every trip to school or to downtown I find something new to see and I feel like I am living out a fairytale.  During the week, I go to school every morning and spend time with 27 new friends and then get to go home every night to an excellent French family that makes excellent French food!  And sometimes I get to add in a chocolate pastry or glass of white wine...could I really ask for anything more?

Je t'aime France!

I just returned home from my weekend trip to La Buale, the largest and most popular beach in Europe.  It was gorgeous and amazing end to my perfect week.  After a little planning, fifteen of us from the group decided to pack a weekend bag and celebrate "Summer Break 2010".  It was my best summer break so far to date! ;)

La Buale was my first real experience swimming in the ocean and it was a pretty amazing.  The beach went for miles and we couldn't see the end of it.  Plus, there was people absolutely everywhere...and a lot of them were topless or nude.  It confirmed many French cliches... SOME people will make out everywhere, they are very comfortable with their bodies and they don't always shave their bodies.  AND, we Americans have been French kissing all is more of attach and suction kind of a thing, rather than a kiss and breath type of motion! :)

As the sun was starting to fade, we loaded back on the train and headed over to stay at a hotel we had found online in the town of Nantes.  This is where our backpacking across Nante adventure began....and ends. :) 

The bus lines had ended for the night, so our group had to literally walk miles to our hotel.  It was a pretty legit exploring/lost/backpacking across Europe couple of hours and I had so much fun!  We finally found our hotel (which ended up being an amazing find...two cute condos for only 85 euros per night) and found a great French pizza place and had a fun night!  If I can convince Mark...I definitely want to come back and backpack across Europe one day!

All in was the perfect end to a great week and I am excited to spend 2 1/2 more weeks and Angers and do some more exploring!  Talk to you soon!

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