Monday, April 4, 2011

April = Productivity

I have to kick April in the butt. And it needs to start today.

So I am going to utilize a helpful tool that has been quickly spreading across the blogger world...3 in 30.

Set 3 goals for yourself & accomplish them in the next 30 days or else.
No, I am kidding there is no or else...but I think it will help me with me 101 in 1001 (which I need to update you on soon) so I am giving it a try.
Goal 1: Use my Snap Fitness membership 3x each week. I got to kick this slacking fitness routine. I have been doing so much better, but I need to get much more consistent. So and you better get to be good friends! Plus, I have an awesome workout video to do the other days. But, for some reason I don't think Jillian and I are ever going to be friends.

Goal 2: Make my Kate Ries bags. I have some long overdue Christmas gifts to make. And I need to get crafty. I am missing it. I am thinking this week I will make one. Can't wait to show you the final product!

Goal 3: Attack my wedding list. It is depressingly long and it needs to get much much shorter. Ahh...who knew this was so much fun?!?!? This week I am going to knock a lot of thing out hopefully. Watch for a blog about it soon!

I will make sure to give you an update at the month. Hope you have a productive April as well & enjoy the beautiful weather! Happy Monday! :)

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