Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Really Big Purchase

You might not know this about me, but I like to shop.

I once had the store layout of the Mall of America memorized, I have scored more good deals at Albertville that most people could dream of, I know when winter clothes are on sale at Gap and I don't ever feel bad getting pants for $10 and sweaters for $2 and don't ever underestimate my online shopping skills. I mean why would you ever press submit without first searching the web for a free shipping coupon?!?

My shopping "skills" have improved drastically since my new job. Just combine my extremely short drive to MOA with my expanded budget...and it doesn't make sense not head on over during my lunch break to see if I find any really good deals.

Truth: Mark doesn't think "really good deals" are ever necessary, my mom stopped saying, "You went shopping again?" because it was starting to get old and I now put my Gap bags into my purse before I walk into the house so no one has to see them.

Nonetheless, I am on the eve of a purchase that might be a little over my head and not as fun as normal...I am car shopping.

Cue the scary music now.

Don't get me wrong, I hate my Alero. Eww. Gross. I feel like a poor college student when I drive it. It has a rusted our hood and it's windows don't roll down and it might not have air conditioning and it gets terrible gas mileage...do you want me to keep going?

BUT, a savvy shopper like me can only think of all the good deals I could get for the price of a brand new car. AND, Mark and I are terrible decision makers and unfortunately a car is a bit of a big decision.

So, I want your vote. What cute, affordable, good-gas mileage mid-size vehicle do you suggest? Here are your options.

A: Ford Fusion SEL

B. Chevy Malibu LT2

So cast your vote! A, B, C or D (which would be other, in which you need to leave your other!) and maybe I will pick one lucky voter to take my 2000 Alero with 170,000 miles off my hands. However, you would only be lucky if you lived in a cold state where you wouldn't need to roll down your windows or AC (but not too cold because the rear-defrost doesn't work) and you didn't ever want to listen to a CD. )

Is there anything else I NEED TO KNOW? Have any advice? Feel free to share, I am like a sponge when it comes to car advice! Hopefully, I will be driving a flashy new white car soon!


  1. C. I love my Camry it is 8 years old but I still love it!!

  2. I drove a Fusion for a rental car and really loved it ... if I were ever to downgrade from my suv, that would be one of my tops.

  3. I don't think I'll ever buy a brand new car again. I hate the car payment, and mine isn't even that bad. I pay off way more each month than I actually owe, but it is still going to take me another year to pay it off. I have an altima and love it! Gas mileage is great and super comfortable to drive. I talked to some RM's that had Altimas and they love them too.I figure a good recommendation since they live in their cars. Looks a lot more expensive than it is. My second choice was going to be the Malibu. Good luck!

  4. C. Camry.
    I love my Camry. We bought it brand new last summer and I am so glad we chose that and not the Honda Accord. It gets great gas mileage, is super reliable, and Toyota has a great warranty and service plan. Its roomy and it drives extremely nice!! I strongly encourage you to test drive one. You will fall in love!!