Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Before One More

A year ago at this time, my life was consumed around three words. Before One More.

Before One More was an advertising campaign my class designed for North Dakota State University. It was an exhausting amount of work. It was an excellent reminder of group work and team work. And it created just a wee bit of stress.

We completely orchestrated the campaign. I was in charge of the media and was also a member of the pitch team, meaning almost every night was spent in the IACC or the library arguing which exact words would better sell our product. And then, I memorized every word we wrote & pitched it with my teammates to an audience of NDSU officials, advertising professions and family and friends. Basically I said goodbye to my April and hello to stress. Back then I probably complained about it, but it was a great project and I can proudly say it was an overwhelming success. Why?

The other day when I logged on to the NDSU website I saw this staring back at me.

And when I drove down 12th Avenue last month, I saw it there too.

And last fall, when I was walking around campus, I saw it on t-shirts too.

It's real, it's ours and I am pretty proud of it.

It's just another one of those "all that hard work was worth it" lessons. But, let it be known that I am glad that this April I will not be dreaming about Before One More....instead I am dreaming about weddings and I will take that stress over group work any day. :)

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