Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom | Do Good Anyway

Somewhere in the mess of my childhood bedroom that my blessed mother has somehow left untouched, there is a note card from my sister with a folded up piece up paper with these exact words.
Source: via Erica on Pinterest
I can't remember exactly when Cathy mailed me the note or what exact challenge I was facing that week, but I do remember how powerful the words were to me at that moment. And regardless of how many times I have unfolded that worn-out note, the feeling is the same.

And I'll admit, this past week has been a little challenging at times. Basically, I needed this reminder from Mother Teresa.  

Do good anyway. Be happy anyway. Succeed anyway. Be kind anyway. Forgive them anyway. 

Because in the end, it never was between you and them anyway.

Happy Wednesday!




  1. You always have great little inspiration things. I love it! Hope the week turns around!