Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Rocking A New Look

And I am absolutely loving it. 

That old hair was just dragging me down.

Let's face it. A girl who is five foot nothing is not meant to have 20 inches of hair. And if for some reason that I would ever want to try it again, it at least needs to have layers, be thinned and have some body. I was rocking a long, thick, layerless mob that had been nothing but trimmed for 8 months. It had to go.

{#86 on my 101 in 1001 list is complete!}
And go it went. My gorgeous friend Casey at Artistic Salon cut off 11 inches & that's not even counting the huge pile of "thinned out" hair on the floor.  I love my before and after - what a difference a haircut can make. Plus, it took me approximately five minutes to get ready this morning - big win in my book!

But there was a reason for the drab before look and I am so excited to send those two ponytails of hair off to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths so they can go into a wig for someone who needs it.

By the way, not to discredit any donation that you might have made to Locks of Love in the past (who I initially planned to donate to myself), but if you are considering cutting off your hair to donate, I highly encourage you to take a look at Pantene's program. Unlike Locks of Love, their wigs are donated to cancer patients or women who need them, where Locks of Love typically sells them for thousands of dollars and is a profit organization, which I was surprised to learn. I 100% believe that regardless if they are free or not, the hair is appreciated, but I personally wanted my hair to help another women feel beautiful, regardless of her financial situation. Just something to think about...

And another random thought for the day, I am thinking my new hair will finally be the motivation to get a new driver's license with my correct last name. No more dreading a new picture! :)

Have you ever donated your hair before? And/or blogged about it? Share the link, I would love to see the transformation! 



P.S. I'm hoping to get a new Corn Report up for you tomorrow -- darn Mother Nature has been making our life a little more complicated lately. Such is the life of a farmer I guess!


  1. Love this new haircut! I want one, too but am liking my length now. Hmm, maybe a trim soon.

    Praying for rain like crazy. Our corn here is SO dry!

  2. I donated to the Pantene program last November!! Another perk of their program is that they will take as little as 8" of hair compared to LofL which requires 10". Your hair looks so cute!!

  3. Your new cut looks amazing!! Enjoy having fun short hair!! You are going to love it!! I hipe all is well!!