Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Always Tastes Better On Stick

Can you tell I am a Minnesota State Fair addict?
I think it's fair to say that "everything tastes better on a stick" is the MN state motto -- or at least our State Fair motto --and I usually agree.

In fact, my mouth is currently watering thinking about those mashed potatoes on a stick that I lived off of for two weeks of the summer last year. They were soooo good. Is it August 24th yet?

This summer, Mark & I have been digging quick & easy kabobs on the grill, which I might add is a much healthier meal on a stick than those tasty mashed potatoes. :)

Anyone else digging kabobs this summer?

I was going to post a recipe (which would be a first ever at CCC), but I really don't believe in recipes in general, and especially not for kabobs. Why? Because they are the tastiest when you're using up whatever is left in your fridge. And it really takes nothing more than some fresh veggies, wooden skewers, salt & pepper, a hot grill and some juicy pieces of steak (I used ribeye). No directions needed.

{Is there anything more delicious than fresh veggies?}
I started off with a plate full of fresh vegetables. I love anything with mushrooms and I am a new BIG fan of peppers, then add in some onions (and why not make them red onions so they are pretty and add more color?!) and tomatoes and you are set. Easy, peasy.

{I spoke too soon...veggies always are better when they are paired with beef.}
Just a friendly reminder, before you load of your skewers, don't forget Kabob 101. Soak your wooden skewers and THEN load them up with all your veggies and seasoned meat. Chicken or shrimp would probably be darn tasty additions, too.

{by the way, remember when we bought that new grill? It started a whole one time by it takes a match. Dang.}
And then enjoy some sunshine and wine while you grill. Or relax on the couch while your hubby grills. Whatever works. :)

{are you hungry yet?}
And viola...your done. Healthy, protein-packed, beautiful kabobs for supper.

{a little burned around the edges means they are perfectly done}

Are you a kabob pro? Share your secrets! What do you add to your skewers? I want to try some fruit, but just haven't got gutsy yet. Or actually, I haven't convinced myself that I know how to cut a pineapple yet (am I really 24 & I don't know to cut a pineapple!?).

Basically, I love summer & the simplicity of outdoor cooking. What's your favorite meal on the grill?

Enjoy yourself a #MeatyMonday!


  1. Your kabobs look fantastic! Pineapple is great on the grill - I didn't learn how to cut them until I moved to FL and started buying pineapple regularly, because it's just so good here. And the first time I did it I almost cut the tip of my finger off. I dont recommend that! Anyway I learned how to do it by watching a tutorial online (they have a tutorial for everything now!) Great seeing you a couple weeks ago! Btw this is from Carrie - eating cheaper is my blogger name. Check it out and let me know what you think! I definitely need some blogging help!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your blog. Found you via Whit at Observant Turtle (looove her) and you are adorable! I read your Engagement Gods blog post too, and holy moly, I'm definitely feeling that (except I got dumped in March, right before four of my best friends got married). Regardless, you're awesome. Newest follower!


  3. Those look so good! I was just saying how much I wish we could have a grill. Yummy!