Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Approximately two months ago I wrote The Final To Do List.  At that point, the list seemed daunting and slightly unrealistic but you know me, I dream big.

Today, I can proudly say I checked nearly everything off my list and I am still proud of the two that got left standing.  Check it out below:
  • Build a website because my diploma is depending on it.  
    • Purfeerst Farms is a proud new owner of a website designed by j.may designs.  Check it out--it is a pretty good start!  I want to keep improving so let me know if you want to be a practice site!
  • Complete a major research project on social media.
    • This was one was a bit tough, but I finished it on time and got a big old A on the paper.  Want to know what I found?  Twitter isn't as popular as all of us new media junkies think.  Weird huh?
  • Dominate the Royal & Louisville. Talk three 49's in one day.
    • This is my one of my unaccomplished goals. I admit, I am disappointed for a second and then I remember the scores I did talk and totally forget it.  49,48 and 47 in cattle is pretty good too.
  • Have way to much fun. Become a Chubs regular.
    • Check and check.  I think I am the only person that graduated Summa Cum Laude from a bar and a college.
  • Get wild and maybe end up at the Northern. 
    • It wasn't wild, but I did join a certain professor and friends there for lunch.
  • Officially end a job in order to start a new one.
    • I am almost through my first full week at BEEF and haven't been an employee of BWW for nearly two.  It could have a possibility of being sad if Mark hadn't made me eat there 3 times since.  It's kind of exciting to not have to ask if you want ranch or bleu cheese anymore. :)
  • Clean, pack and move...away from my Fargo.
    • It was long, dreary and dirty...but we did it.  After 4 great years, I am no longer a resident of 1502 Dakota Drive.  I am definitely going to miss it.  Especially my own heater, my own bathroom and everything not packed in boxes...but so far home has been good, plus my car is always warm in the morning and I never make supper!  
  • Make sure the tradition of the Christmas Dinner lives on.
    • I didn't think it was going to be possible and I did hit peak stress, but oh man, the tradition continued.  It was so great!  Everyone was back, the apartment was packed and the food was delicious.  I am not guaranteeing it is going to be the same next year, but we went out with a bang.
  • Have one last Bison day.
    • School is for fools, especially when you don't have it on MWF.  I had a fair share of Bison days! :)
  • Make this an agvocate blog. 
    • I am trying and I promise it will get better.
  • Become ALUMNI ready and buy new NDSU clothes.
    • YES!  I bought the treasured NDSU know the one that is the most expensive clothing item in the store and you know you are going to wear it for the rest of your life?  The NDSU sweatshirt?'s mine. :)  Best Christmas present I bought myself and now the BISON are as evident in my closet as they are in my heart!
  • Figure out how I am going to live with my parents.
    • We are managing.  It has been so crazy so far, I haven't had time to go insane!
  • Convince my boyfriend to marry me so I don't have to live with my parents.
    • WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I did it!  This is the only goal I was positive I couldn't check off my list and I did it.  Somehow I must have done something extra right that night, because finally he decided he wanted to make me his wife.  I promise you there will be more details to follow.
  • Tell everyone how important they are to me...twice.
    • If I somehow missed you, this is for you--I couldn't and wouldn't be the person I am today without everyone who helped me get through NDSU, life and every exciting thing I have ever done.  Thank you. 
  • Don't mess up the GPA you worked hard (????) for.
    • I didn't and it was worth it.  The president says extra nice things to you when he shakes your hand when you are one of few that managed to graduate Summa Cum Laude.  "Impressive, Outstanding Work, So proud of you!"
  • Give about 2 million sets of reasons.
    • You could ask B. Williams to verify this, but it might have been 2 million and 1.
  • Buy a really good heifer.
    • Maybe the owner of the heifer I fell in love with is reading this and wants to cut me a deal.  Otherwise, it is a complete fail.  O well, I needed a New Year's resolution!
I am pretty happy with how far I have came in two months--life has changed drastically and I am definitely excited to see where it is headed!  Watch for more posts soon! 

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  1. Looks like you have had a few pretty good months there girl! Very impressed with those reason scores. Now please join us in Denver!