Friday, December 10, 2010

random thoughts randomly put in a blog.

I told myself I would blog today and I am not going to let myself down.  After the terrible day I had, I can't afford to disappoint myself. :)

I am so carefree lately, it is scary.  Sure my LAST DAY EVER AT BWW was one of the worst in months and then I got stuck staying til 4 and I totally winged a website I am not completely proud of and I have a 8-10 page paper due by Sunday that I haven't started...but I don't really care. 

That's fun, huh?

I just have to get through the next 12 hours and then I have a date with my two best guy friends at the Turf for lunch, a quick trip to Walmart and the mall for necessities and ALL of my favorite people back in Fargo! 

I am almost positive this is going to be an EPIC weekend to end a pretty great run at NDSU. The end is only a week away!

I just can't quite decide if I am excited for this graduation thing.  Now, I know I am ready for it.  I have prepared myself.  I have worked extremely hard the past four years to get where I am and the real world can't be that different than the intense college career I put myself through...right? 

But still, some days I don't really want to graduate.  Some days, I want to move home so badly and others I want to live with Cait and Whit forever.  Usually, I am so excited to start a full-time job and every once in a while, I am scared crapless to start that job.

Do you want to know why I think I am little scared?  It is the dumbest reason in the world...and I am blaming it all on Mark...but I really really really am dreading going to work everyday for the rest of my life.  Ten days vacation?  That is not nearly enough for this girl--especially when her bf takes off for every cattle show or agriculture event ever invented. 

I just need to breathe and relax.  It won't be that bad.  Everyone else does it and I am going to work for a great company that is right up my alley...I am so excited to be involved in the industry in such a crucial way.  But I am still scared.  Please stop judging's normal I think.

However, in the mean time, I am going to live it up.  I have 10 days (minus 2 days that I work at BEEF) to be absolutely crazy, go wild and check a few things off my to do list!  And....if that means slacking on some school be it. :)

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  1. Oh, Jamie May,
    It is perfectly normal to be scared crapless to graduate and start that real-world job. But, if I have ever known any potential college graduate in the world ready, it is YOU. You are so talented, smart--both book and industry--and you are going to WOW the world! Now, I would be a little peeved at that wonderful BF of yours too--taking all that time to go to shows, etc...but at least you're prepared. Those measely 10 days of vacation were the HARDEST part of the real world for me, and sometimes they still are--even after 12 years. I still want a month off at Christmas, but I barely get Christmas off because there's a point show in Phoenix and then it's off to Denver! But you'll see, BEEF will send you on story interviews and you'll have a blast. You are going to go SO FAR IN LIFE! And I am so proud to know you and so glad I got to work for you for one short summer!

    Congrats on reaching a new milestone! Keep smiling! Have fun! And just remember to never sweat the small stuff!