Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sayonara Harvest 2012

Exciting news!

The last kernel of corn has been tucked away in the bin, the combine is in the shop for year-end maintenance and my husband was home at 7 pm last night in time for supper (we had Buffalo Chicken Soup -- in honor of the Bison's homecoming win?! #BisoNation #undefeated).  

Harvest 2012 is officially over at Purfeerst Farm.

I know I said in Friday's post that it would probably be mid-week, but with the help of a few good days they were able to wrap everything up on Sunday afternoon. We even managed to slip in a quick birthday party on Saturday -- complete with a beer can cake -- for Jimmy, one of my favorite guys at the farm.

A little tidbit about Jimmy (besides his harvest birthday) is that PBR is his drink of choice. Yes, I realize it's a rare breed will that choose PBR every time, but Jimmy will. So, it only seemed fitting to make him a PBR cake. :)

{By far the easiest cake I have ever whipped up.}
Below is a picture of Saturday's crew -- some of the best people you could find. By the way, notice the hand behind Matt's head (far left, brown sweatshirt)? That's Wiggy, the one man in the world who has somehow avoided being in a picture his whole life. Maybe I will catch him next time...

Oh and another update? I learned to drive the ripper this weekend. It was the real test of my farm wife potential. I admit, I didn't pass with flying colors, but I didn't fail because I did do it solo for about 3 hours on Saturday night. And that might ask me back if they need me...maybe.

Mark's Grandma (second from the right, behind me) has been ripping all of her life. She's currently in her 80s and still does the bulk of the ripping on the farm.  

Everyone calls her Rippin' Rosie. 

She's one of the sweetest ladies you will meet and somewhat of a legend. I wasn't lucky enough to get to know and enjoy all of my grandparents in my life, but I am extremely lucky for the one I have always had (you can read about her here) and the two I gained. Hopefully one day I leave half of the legacy behind that they will.

{Here's a look at "ripping." Basically, we are breaking up the soil to prepare it for next spring.}



  1. Holy cow! Ya'll are finished!!?? We still have a lot of beans let to cut. So glad you are finished and have your hubby back! I am ready for Tyler to be finished with his grumpy farmers calling him to sell their little bit of grain they have!

    Totally impressed of your equipment driving skills. Can't say I've ever done that... I'll leave that to the boys!

    Happy end of harvest!!

  2. Glad you explained/showed me what ripping was... and I love that cake! Great idea!

  3. Great article Jamie, keep up the good work! Hugs.

  4. Congratulations on getting through the harvest!