Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There's More To Our Success Than A President

I am proudly sporting my "I Voted" sticker as I write this.

There is something about casting a ballot that is exhilarating. I was a grown up, I figured out where I needed to vote and I knew exactly what circles I was filling in. It felt good. I don't remember feeling that excitement four years ago for some reason, even though I know I voted. Maybe an absentee ballot doesn't give you that same sense of accomplishment, or more likely I probably wasn't as passionate about what I was helping to decide.

I will admit, until about a week ago, I was undecided who was getting my vote for President. I am sure 90% of my friends are groaning right now, because according to discussions, tweets and posts, it was So&So or Die (I may or may not have considered deleting friends it got so over the top), but it is the truth and I have never been one to follow the crowd. 

However, I think the fact that Mark and I were somewhat undecided was actually really neat. It meant that we got to really experience this process together. We watched the debates intently and had great discussions on what our impressions were of each candidate. We came home and taught each other what we had heard at work that day or what we had read about and we did our research on the amendments up for vote in Minnesota. 

I actually really enjoyed it. I am sure I wouldn't be saying that if I lived in actual swing state and I had to listen to commercials and ads all day long (I am excited for those to be over), but for now, I am proud that Mark and I took the time to make a decision that we believed in.

I don't know if we voted for the same ticket for President. And that's okay with me. I am not going to tell you who I voted for either. Call me old fashioned, but even though I am proud of my decision, I don't believe I should blast that opinion upon you.  

Regardless of who's candidate gives an acceptance speech tonight, I know as a country we will keep moving forward. Why? Because we have to. There's no doubt, whoever wins will play a major role in the future of America, but, it is just one man. And more important than Obama or Romney, is the character and drive we find within ourselves. 

So, while I watch the results filter in tonight, I am going to try not to groan at every ridiculous post on Facebook and remind myself that tomorrow's a new day and whoever wins, wins. There's (hopefully) no re-votes and there is no going back. Instead, we need to move forward and reach across the aisle, whether that is at Church, our cube at work or in Congress and agree to disagree and decide to work together.

Because even though I am crossing my fingers that Minnesotans voted for equality at the polls and I sure hope the candidates I voted for are victorious, at the end of the day, if it didn't work out that way, I still believe in the process.

So I will wear my sticker with pride, and be thankful that my husband isn't extremely political. I am glad we got to work through this mess together. :)

And side note: My optimism about the democratic process might be why I originally intended to get a double major in communications and political science. Can you believe I actually wanted to be involved in campaign management? The process behind campaigns fascinate me. 

Until next time,

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