Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happily Ever After 367 Days Later

On Monday, we celebrated our first official anniversary. 

It was a big deal for two reasons:

1. It was our first anniversary as husband and wife.
2. It was our first "official" anniversary as a couple.

Can you believe we never had an official start date? (I will tell my someday daughters to get it in writing.) For the last eight years, I have just convinced him to like me a little more during the month we started dating. And/or my best friend would nicely remind us every county fair of our first "date" in the beef tent.

I found out that I clearly have been missing out. My husband is good at anniversaries. I am glad we officially have one on the calendar for rest of our lives. :)

{small town USA breakfast. Everyone there was regular, breakfast was cheap and the service was fabulous.}
French Wine, Italian Takeout
{Augusto's & a bottle of wine I brought home from France for supper.}
Cow Cookies For Wedding Desert
{Just so you know, year-old sugar cookies aren't good, even if they are your wedding cow cookies.}
Monday was low-key, but perfect. It involved a breakfast date before work, Italian takeout for supper, a bottle of French wine that I saved for our wedding night that someone forgot to bring to the wedding, homemade apple crisp, wedding pictures, year-old cow cookies, Gossip Girl and a really terrible movie to watch on your anniversary. Thanks to"What To Expect When You're Expecting," we now have no plans to expect anything any time soon.

And by the way, I just realized I NEVER posted about my wedding. I will have to work on that, but until then, here are some of my favorite photos. By the way, my photos were done by Jeff Loves Jessica -- an amazing husband/wife photography duo.

I am pretty blessed. That's all.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful!! Happy anniversary Jamie! I love your wedding photos. Hope you and your hubby had fun celebrating! xoxo

  2. Happy anniversary!! I absolutely love the cow cookies...what a cute idea!!

  3. I feel like the cow cookies need an explanation....

    Your wedding was gorgeous! Happy anniversary Jamie!

  4. Congrats!! We are the same way, we have the day that we met but nothing official in terms of dating. Love your pics & the cookies, what a great idea!!