Sunday, January 29, 2012

November 5th | The Recap

Has it really already been three months?

Next Sunday will be our 3 month wedding anniversary and that's probably a good as reason as ever to share my favorite pictures from November 5th.  

Photos are by the very talented Jeff Loves Jessica, the cutest husband and wife team you ever could meet. Check out their website here. If you are looking for a creative Minnesota photag, we highly recommend them!

my lovely bridesmaids. love each and everyone of them.

cow cookies. no surprise everyone liked the Herefords best.
love this shot. we had such talented photags.
our friends are so much fun.
thank you God for the perfect day.

my favorite part of the reception. it was a hit.
signs we made for our parents.

Don't worry, over the next few weeks I will share some more details on my favorite things, but let's just call this the "big picture" wrap up for now. Enjoy!

Peace & Love,
J. Purfeerst

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  1. Love your pictures!! You look stunning & it looked like it was a gorgeous day!!! Can't wait to hear more about the big day!