Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Wedding Update: The Wedding Registry

I am stressed out over something that shouldn't stress anyone out. Go figure.

What is it?

I can't decide what FiestaWare colors to register for. (Lame, I know.)

But in my defense, why would anyone give anyone all these options!?

And this isn't even all of them!
I have debated and debated and the end results is that I just can't decide. And we all know Mark hates making decisions, so he is currently no help.

So, any savvy decorators out there have any suggestions? Should I do Turquoise & Scarlett? Or Paprika & Marigold? Or maybe throw in some Shamrock?

I am currently open to every option, so leave me a comment and help me out. And please, don't look at my registry...it currently screams "this girl doesn't know what she is doing when it comes to FiestaWare." Hopefully, I can somehow fix that soon?


  1. All of the color options make it extremely difficult to choose! My husband and I got married November 2010. We choose Turquoise, Shamrock and Brown. The Marigold is great too! Good luck on choosing!

  2. Oh decisions decisions! Mine are Shamrock & Sunshine (green and yellow aka John Deere colors) although I'm really starting to like the turquoise color, a lot! Make sure it is colors you can live with for a while, because changing it up isn't cheap :)

  3. purple purple purple purple purple

  4. Turquoise is my pick. My future SIL picked four colors, and then mixes and matches it all.

  5. I registered for all the colors (except black...blech!) That way whatever season it is, I can swap. For example, on my dining room table right now I have scarlet, chocolate, sunshine, marigold and paprika. In the summer, I use more shamrock and turquoise. Christmas I use the scarlet, browns and creams (forget the real names). I get bored easily, so I didn't pick. Just get 'em all and have fun! :) - Amanda Radke