Friday, August 5, 2011

Connecting Farm To Fork

I was going to blog today, but I found someone who said it so much better than I could.

Before yesterday, I had never heard of Amy on the Prairie, but I am sure glad I did and you can bet I am a new follower.

Amy is a MN-grown city girl that is so eerily connected to values of rural America, that you would of thought she grew up on a farm. However, she promises us she didn't and even admits, she had a ten year stint as a vegetarian.

Which is why it's even more impressive that she gets modern food production and our need to feed a hungry world so perfectly.
 Our family of four is on a budget and I buy food we can afford.  Most of the food we buy is a product of conventional agriculture. That means, our produce was grown with the aid of fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified (GMO) seeds to increase yields. And, our meat is typically from larger farms where animals are raised in large facilities with the aid of technology and interventions like antibiotics.  I feel comfortable eating this food and serving this food to my family. -- Amy On The Prairie
Here's what I I like about Amy's Farm to Fork: I Think Our Food Supply is Safe blog: I support eating local. I buy from the kid next door who grows fresh veggies. I have never cooked beef that wasn't my own and I try to eat fresh, healthy food whenever possible.

But I am a 20-some college graduate who, while I am getting a steady paycheck, has bills and loans to pay off and I can't afford to buy organic, local food every time I get groceries.
And folks, I probably am better off than 70% of the world right if I can't do it, how do you expect everyone else to too.

I applaud Amy for confronting a hot, trendy topic in food production right now; her points are extremely important for all of us to understand. These stats from Alltech help hit it home:

925 million people go to bed hungry each night and we add 219,000 extra mouths to the globe each day
How can we afford to overlook the millions of people that are starving when we have the technology and the ability to feed them?

I think it's a question we all must answer before stepping up on to our soapbox.

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  1. Great post. I am going to go check out her blog now.