Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekly Wedding Update: A Real Big List

The list is growing instead of shrinking I think.

Here is the thing. I love my fiance with all of my heart, but when it comes to planning a wedding some days he drives me impossibly nuts. Now, I try not to get too mad because I know we have different personalities, but still, I just want this darn list to shrink not grow. But unlike me, he doesn't smile every time he checks something off our list. He doesn't finish one list to make another list just to accomplish more. You see, for Mark one thing a day is a lot and he never can quite decide on what he wants to do (He is a "P"). For me, one thing a day is failure (I am a "J").

So the list making continues...

Here is the dauntingly big list that leaves me tossing and turning at night. Feel free to take any jobs off my hands.
  1. Design, print and send invitations.
  2. Decide on "fun facts" for napkins.
  3. Finalize wedding music, determine a processional song and get complete list to singer & pianist.
  4. Figure out table linens & napkins.
  5. Design programs.
  6. Design cards for tables.
  7. Write a short blurb about each attendant for program.
  8. Confirm with readers, dessert bar attendees & guest book person.
  9. Decide on what we are doing for a guest book.
  10. Meet with our couple from our parish.
  11. Order wine.
  12. Order alchohol.
  13. Finalize meal for reception.
  14. Finalize meal for rehearsal dinner.
  15. Decide on what do do for bachelorette party.
  16. Find purple heels.
  17. Find lace TOMS.
  18. Find a hairdresser.
  19. Get a MAC makeover & purchase makeup.
  20. Order groomsmen gifts.
  21. Order/make bridesmaid gifts.
  22. Get MOB, MOG & so on gifts.
  23. Double check on registry items.
  24. Buy or make a veil.
  25. Lose 5 lbs.
  26. Order Mrs. & Mr. signs
  27. Get shrug in case it is cold.
  28. Order wedding handbag on September 3.
  29. Get wedding garter.
Now that you read it are you freaking out too? 

But seriously, if you have any ideas on any of those items above, I WOULD LOVE SUGGESTIONS. All of your comments have been so helpful so far, especially the wedding music tips, I loved them!

And am I forgetting something? (Except breathing, relaxing & spending time with Mark, family & friends?) Thanks so much for being a support system for me!

Much Love,

The Stressed Bride-To-Be

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  1. I am so excited that you are getting a MAC makeover. You are going to love it. Don't stress too much. Stuff won't be get done, and no one will ever know. I would start the online shopping!