Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long Time, No Talk

I am sorry for my absence. It's just that my life has been a little hectic lately.

Mainly it was just really hectic last week.

I had the Minnesota Junior Spring Classic  two weekends ago (which deserves it's own blog for sure).  So I drove home.  Then Mark got free tickets to a Wednesday night Twins game that I couldn't miss, so I drove home for that too.  Finally, Miss Avery May turned one last week and we had her big birthday party on I drove home for that.

Lots of road time.
Thus, I was missing in action.

But, I did get to see a lot of my family, the Purfeerst family, Mark, Avery, I94 and cows, which are worth the drive every time! I also have had a ton of school stuff to do lately and I know I won't be able to go home until after graduation and then I leave again for a month in France, so I didn't mind seeing my family as much as I could.

School stuff is getting a little out of control lately.  I am in the heat of my HUGE advertising project and I have group meetings every night for hours!  Next Wednesday at 7 pm will be the best moment of my life.  This campaign has been a major learning experience for me.  I haven't had to work in a group with a project of this magnitude in a while and I needed a reminder of how important patience is.  I am going to be so happy to be done with it (most likely because May 5th is also the last S/S meeting and dance that evening and I am going to live it up with my girls!)!!

Despite this overload of homework, I promise I will become a better blogger!    Later tonight, I will catch you up on the Minnesota Junior Spring Classic and what a MAJOR success it was!  So until then...have a glorious Wednesday!

Until then--enjoy this picture of Avery May enjoying her birthday cake!  She is such a doll and loved the chocolate cow she got to devour!


  1. I love the picture of Avery and, of course, your newest blog post!!

  2. Love the picture of Avery!! What a doll! I'm still waiting to hear about this France trip?!?! I'm getting calls from prospective job hirers for you alot, and don't know what to say...Enjoy your last few weeks of school!!