Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day American Farmers!

I have a million things to say today...but once again I have little time to write. However, even with everything filling my mind I do want to take a second to celebrate Earth Day with all of my fellow agriculturalists out there!

This is the first year I have seen all of us cling so closely to this important holiday and I am glad we are using it to tell our story, because really who are better environmentalists then the farmer!?   Who is more concerned about making the land better for the next generation than the dad who is planning on handing his family's farm down to his son?  Who cares more about keeping our land healthy and sustainable than all of us who depend on this year's crop to feed our families?

Farmers have cared about our environment long before the green fad hit with the energy efficient light bulbs or the decomposable Sun Chips bags.  Farmers have known the importance of maintaining the land that they raise crops on and graze their cattle on for years and to ensure that sustainability they plant wind breaks, unitize the best technologies to use the least amount of resources, and constantly think about our fuels and wastes.  Why? Because sustainable agriculture not only effects our profits, but it also guarantees that future generations will have a farm to come home--and trust me that is often a family's biggest priority.  I am learning more and more about what the Purfeerst's do to ensure that their farm will be there for another hundred years to come and I know they are not alone.

So today as you celebrate Earth Day, congratulate yourself on a job well done!  Take time to think about what you do or what you could do and appreciate the land we have preserved for future generations!  Earth Day is a day to celebrate sustainable living and I can't think of a better occupation that does this--Happy Earth Day American Farmers! 

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