Wednesday, February 8, 2012

November 5th | The Fun Part

Let me start by saying, I loved marrying my husband. I will never, ever forget how nervous he was or how confidently we looked into each others eyes and exchanged our vows. And I was always smile thinking about being announced as his wife.

But let's be honest. The crazy, wild fun started after the church ceremony. And fun it was.

It's almost my favorite thing to hear how much fun everyone had at our wedding. We had the best DJ (a total last-minute pick-up who made the night!), a lot of drinks, some great food and most importantly, we have fun friends! It was destined to be a good night.

Just this past week, I got some photos back from one of my besties who just happens to be an up-and-coming photag in ND. Seriously, write down the name Lynsey Frey. Some day (or today) you are going to want to hire her.

She took some beautiful shots. Like seriously, some of them are just stunning. But my absolutely favorites are from the dance. They pretty much prove how much fun we had. Take a peek at my faves below and check out the rest of her work here.

Yes. That last picture is my bff Lindsay busting a move with her dad. And she's teaching him a thing or two by the looks of it.

Literally though, we have such fun people in our life. We love everyone of them. We are diligently working on our thank yous to all of you, but until then, here's a great big thank you! You all are the reason we are any fun.:)

Mucho love,

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  1. I love these photos. Our photographer is staying for the dance so I hope to have lots of photos like this. Can't wait for our big day.