Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Back...Again.

Long time, no blog.

Have you noticed the trend?

You know, "the wait a really long time between each post so you can start each post with 'long time no see/talk/blog'" trend?  If not, you obviously aren't one of my loyal eight followers that read my random and sporadic thoughts on life.

Sorry again!  I have a good excuse this time and it is that my roommates and I are way to cheap to get internet (yet) and I have no connection to the outside world except through my Blackberry.  It makes it pretty rough to blog, Facebook creep and stay on top of my two online classes and it makes me spend most of my nights in the IACC...which is where I currently am sitting.  Room 114 to be precise. 

So while I am here I will give you a quick update on life and then, after this I promise weekly blogs will solve this problem of disconnect! :)

1.  I moved back to Fargo on August 14th.  I started judging practice on August 15th and my life has been crazy every since.  If you think I am joking, ask my roommates.  I see them for maybe 20 minutes each day.  I run from work to judging to meetings to homework and then do it all again the next day.  It's really not too bad.  It's saving me from having to many late nights at Chubs mainly.

2.  And just saying the word Chubs makes me miss last year and the girls and everything about my senior year.  I feel old.  I know I am not and I know in approximately 4 months I will feel extremely young and inexperienced, but for now, when I load in a car with a bunch of minors to go to a house party, I feel antique.  And then I feel even older than antique when those younguns (like Kelcey Holm) ask me if I feel old.  Here is my plea--to my old friends that always made me feel young--COME BACK.  I miss you terribly.  I miss Mary Berg, especially, after this crummy judging weekend.  I miss apartment 13.  I miss my crazy Montana friend.  NDSU misses you too.  

3.  BWangs (Buffalo Wild Wings) is taking over my days.  I know this isn't a profitable job for me at this time, but it will make due until my real job begins.

4.  Which brings me to my biggest news yet--I am a future full-time employee of BEEF Magazine. Seriously, it's amazing.  My goal was to have a job before I came back this semester and I do.  How is that possible in this economy with soooo many good applicants?  I don't know, but I am smiling ear to ear. :)  

5.  My favorite time of the year came and went and it was just as good as always.  The MN State Fair is (by far hands down no use arguing with me) the best twelve days of summer.  And it didn't let me down in 2010. Jason and Matt both had an excellent year.  Matt was Reserve Supreme Breeding Heifer and Jason sold his steer on the Purple Ribbon Auction and was Reserve Senior Showman.  I was pretty proud of them both!  Check out the MN State Fair 4-H website for more pictures.

Jason with his Middleweight Friction Steer at MN State Fair 4-H Show.

Matt with his Saugahatchee x Lutton Angus Heifer at MN State Fair 4-H Show.  

6.  I started my final judging season this weekend at the National Barrow Show and well, it can only go up from here!  :)

Alright that's all I got for now folks.  Please look for motivating, exciting and sarcastic posts in the near future.  My mind is filled with things to say.  Enjoy your week!  Friday is closer than you think....

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  1. You got a job at BEEF?! Doing what? Congrats Jamie!! :-)