Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Place This Class of Crossbred Market Hogs 3421.

I actually placed that class of crossbred market hogs wrong.

And it wasn't the only class that I placed wrong that day that I still had to march into the reasons room and tell the officials why I felt the need to disagree with them so strongly.  On that particular Crossbred Market Hogs class, I simple busted it (which in the judging world means you messed up only 3 of 4 of them and didn't kill yourself but basically took yourself out of the top ten) and managed not to sound like too much of a fool in the reasons room.  I unfortunately can't say for one of my sets.

I was pretty disappointed in myself and I didn't really know what to think.

It only took a day and I decided that I needed to sound like a fool this weekend at the National Barrow Show.  Why?  I needed a reminder on why I am doing this and how hard I still need to work.  I didn't stick around for another semester for nothing.  Not only do I want another piece of hardware, but I want to know I did the best I could and be proud of myself.  I was not too proud Monday afternoon when I walked out of my last set thinking I talked really well...only too find out I simple busted every single class I so confidently just got done explaining.

Here is the thing...I have been so blessed in my past 22 years and have not experienced a devastating amount of hardships.  I haven't got declined from many jobs, have an amazing boyfriend, have won my fair share of awards and somehow I have consistently done well in school.  I think sometimes when life gets that good we just start to expect it to stay that good...without doing the work needed.

Whether it is a steer, paper, judging class or can't succeed without a little determination and a lot of hard work.  I learned it the hard way this weekend and I am hoping I can save you from the trouble as well.  I strongly encourage you to take a moment while your reading this and think about something you could work just a little bit harder at--and then do it.
Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it.        -Unknown

You can take my word I will be prepared when we hit the road to Kansas.  :)

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